Business Consultation and Intellectual Property Consultation

Business Formation:

In the development of any business, it is important to determine which class you fall under. There are various benefits that apply depending on the class your business is categorized under. Del Vecchio & Stadler LLP can help demystify the process and aid in your selection.

Intellectual Property Consultation:

Defense, Consulting, Risk Identification, and Risk Mitigation:

We are able to identify the risks you face and the potential defenses you could raise in the world of intellectual property law. Our services include:

-Non-infringement opinions to determine if you potentially may be liable to a third party intellectual property holder.

-Validity / invalidity opinions to determine if another party’s intellectual property rights are valid, enforceable and/or protect what is allegedly claimed.

-Defensive counseling if you have been named in a Complaint, received a cease and desist letter, or in any other way received notice that you may be infringing upon another’s intellectual property rights.


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