7 Reasons to Attend Pirate Fight Club®!

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January 16, 2018, is our first Pirate Fight Club event for 2018. Winter can be a tricky time to get people to attend our events, so we want to let you read about why you should attend one of our Pirate Fight Club events!

Just as a reminder, we hold Pirate Fight Club on the third Tuesday of every month at noon at our offices at 500 Washington Street.

1.Pirate Fight Club is fun!

Every month at the end of our events, the participants always mention that they had a ton of fun.

2.  The first rule of Pirate Fight Club is talking about Pirate Fight Club!

We are constantly encouraging people and businesses to learn more about intellectual property, so talking about Pirate Fight Club is always welcome!

3.Pirate Fight Club is educational!

We put together this event so that people could learn more about intellectual property. Because intellectual property isn’t tangible, many people don’t really understand what it is. So, we try to distill it down and simplify it as much as possible so that people can understand it better.

4.There are organic networking opportunities!

At our events, people introduce themselves and their business ideas and in many cases, people exchange cards and contact information.  You never know who you will meet at Pirate Fight Club!

5.Pirate Fight Club may prevent you from making a costly business mistake!

In many cases, people aren’t aware of how to protect their own intellectual property or how to avoid stepping on the toes of the intellectual property of others. After attending our event, you will know what steps to take to avoid common intellectual property pitfalls.

6.You may win a $10 gift card to Public Espresso!

For participants that post about Pirate Fight Club on social media, we offer a chance to win a gift card to Public Espresso, which is conveniently one block away from our offices and has some of the best coffee in the city!

7.15 minutes of fame!

We film all of our Pirate Fight Club events.  So for those who are not camera shy, you will have an opportunity to be in one of our videos!  Please note, we do not force anyone to be recorded, so if you want to opt out, we always respect your wishes.

Rebecca M. Stadler, Esq.

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