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A New Economy Needs A New Law Firm

Legal services are becoming more and more complex in the new economy. At the same time, clients don’t want to be shocked and awed by unexpected invoices. Our attorneys help you efficiently navigate complex intellectual property and other legal issues without hidden fees. We do this by using a project-based pricing law firm model so that you know what your costs will be up front.

Protection from Intellectual Property Pirates

In the Internet Age, it is very easy to become the victim of intellectual property piracy. Piracy can happen to anyone that puts their intellectual property into cyberspace. Essentially, we are all at risk. One way to guard against this piracy is to ensure that you have your intellectual property properly registered and protected. This puts potential pirates on notice that you are taking your intellectual property rights seriously.

Attorneys Fighting Intellectual Property Pirates

Our attorneys are skilled in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  Our attorneys have experience battling intellectual property piracy, which is on the rise in the Internet Age.  We are Attorneys Fighting Intellectual Property Pirates.

John M. Del Vecchio

Email @john

Mr. Del Vecchio has over 10 years of experience in representing clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His practice includes preparing and prosecuting patent applications for independent inventors, start-up companies and large corporations.

Rebecca M. Stadler

Email @rebecca

Rebecca Stadler focuses her practice in the biomedical and chemical arts. As a former Patent Examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ms. Stadler examined patent applications related to inorganic carbon, in particular, carbon nanotubes.


Seeking patent protection is crucial before disclosing your invention to anyone. The first step is often to file a provisional patent application to obtain patent pending status. This application secures your filing date and serves to protect you against later in time inventors. Our clients have created a wide variety of inventions as can be seen in the issued patents below.



Trademarks are often the strongest intellectual property protection you can obtain. Your trademark provides the foundation for branding of your goods and services. Thus, registration of your trademark is crucial.  We have helped obtain federal trademark registrations for many businesses, including those below.

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